Cornell Academy Pledge

I am a successful and responsible student.

I put good effort into my class work and homework.

I smile at least once a day.

And I will persevere at home and in school.

I know for me to succeed it is up to me!


Congratulations to Yenilda Liriano for receiving the meritious student award awarded to students from the Dominican Republic.

Principal's Summer Message:

Greetings Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to Summer 2016!  We thank you for all of your efforts throughout the year!

We also want to show our appreciation of our PTA Executive Board.  Ms. Nicks, Ms. Hernandez, and Ms. Ariezaga spent a tremendous amount of time providing educational opportunities for our students. I am very grateful for their tireless efforts.  If any parent(s) wants to be engaged (TIER 2 WORD) with the PTA for the 2016-17 year, please let me know.

At our PTA sponsored Awards Assembly on June 24, I challenged all of the students to take ownership of their summer learning by reading 30 minutes a day for 50 of the 73 summer vacation days.  Students in Grades 2-6 are encouraged to utilize Reading Plus.  Fourth Grade student Diego H went from Level A to Level J because he took ownership of his learning and spent a great amount of time (many weekends over 3 hours) to improve his reading fluency and comprehension with Reading Plus. We want students to avoid the 'summer slump'.  Embrace the 50-Day challenge and it will enhance the success rate starting on September 6.

If you are having issues with ReadingPlus or if you need to be "unlocked" so you can move to a higher level, email : and/or myself at  

The summer reading lists and supply lists are located on our webpage.

Add of course we want you to have a safe and fun-filled summer!


Dr. Beglane

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